Propelling you forward
with purpose,
passion, and power!

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In this compelling narrative you will find:

  • Who your real enemy is.
  • How to prepare for battle.
  • Where the resources are to overcome your brokenness.
  • What to do if you want an intimate connection with others.

Discover what arises in the turbulent life of Naomi Parker 
that takes her from a place of fear and shame to compassion 
for those in similar circumstances. After finding her purpose, 
Naomi is able to intimately connect with those who struggle
with similar life-altering issues.

This unique journey of perseverance is worth the read!

Empathy, Intimate Connection and Involvement await you!

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The purpose of this Workbook
is to give you an opportunity
to personally review some of
Naomi Parker’s experiences in
From Crisis to Compassion.
You will be able to ask yourself
critical questions and process
solutions as you review
scriptural truths to guide
you through your journey.

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From Crisis to Compassion Workbook

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From Crisis
to Compassion
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Sally Betters,

Get Your Feet Wet with my Jump Start Program.
Three 1-hour Coaching Sessions for Only $195.

Hi, I'm Sally!

Great to meet you! I’m Sally Betters and I’m excited to walk with you as we begin your coaching journey.

I’m a life transformation coach, inspirational speaker and compelling author who helps people, like you, uncover their true purpose by discovering your unique gifts and how you can make a difference in your life, family and community.

Welcome to the next step! Congratulations in believing you are worth the effort this will require. This will be a safe place for you. A place where you will find empathy, valuable connection, deep insight and a new way to look at yourself. I’m a firm believer that we need each other to heal from the wounds we’ve experienced in life. There is much to be learned from those who have walked a similar path and have crossed the river of pain by the transformational hand of the living God.

More About Me


  • Living Legacy Project
    In the Living Legacy Journey you work at your convenience in an ONLINE self-study. I’ve partnered with my mentor, Niccie Kliegl, to provide you with a great start to getting focused on your purpose, power and passion for your life. This comprehensive training provides:
    •6 Modules
    •24 Training Videos
    •24 Coaching Tools and Videos
    •24 Self-Study Guides

    Investment: $295.00

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  • Purposeful Living
    This is based on the powerful book & workbook, From Crisis to Compassion. Begin your Journey of Transformation as you identify past hurts and stumbling blocks in your life that have kept you from becoming the person you were meant to be. This is a life changing investment to bring you out of shame and despair to a place of peace and freedom.
    This training provides:
    • Three months of weekly 30-minute personal transformation coaching sessions covering your areas of need.
    • A framework to produce lasting empowering results through clarity, content and connection.
    • An opportunity to equip you to make a greater impact in your family, workplace and community.
    • Encouragement, Assignments, Accountability and Prayer
    • My commitment to encourage you on your journey to find Purpose, Power and Passion!

    Investment: $495.00

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  • Living Legacy Academy Master Mind
    This is a great way to connect with others who want more Purpose, Power and Passion in their lives about what they were created to do. You will get:
    • All 6 Modules
    • (3) 1-hour Private Coaching sessions, 1 per month for 3 months
    • (3) Live Group Master Mind Coaching Sessions
    • 48 Training Videos
    • 24 Self-Study Guides
    • 24 Coaching Tools
    • My commitment to encourage you on your journey to find Purpose, Power and Passion!

    Investment: $695.00

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What My Coaching Clients Say ...

  • Sally Betters is an amazingly helpful and inspirational coach. In all of our sessions, she has been an extremely attentive listener and has been able to work with me to develop clear action steps for me to move forward with achieving my personal and professional goals. What makes her special is that she also provides emotional and spiritual support for the journey. I highly recommend Sally for a coach and am so grateful that she is part of my success story! Read more in the Testimonals Section.

    Roberta Client
  • I am so grateful for the time I had working with Sally Betters. Her patience, commitment and desire to see God’s healing work in my life was refreshing. She helped to build hope and strength in my life after the bitter ashes of my choice for an abortion over life for my baby. She was instrumental in changing my outlook on my future by trusting God in my decisions. Read more in the Testimonals Section.

    Denise Client
  • Sally Betters has been such a blessing to me in my dark and anxious times. She has listened intently, encouraged me, shared feedback and (when I was ready) offered options as well as prayed for me. Sally has a gift to get right to the heart of the matter while clearly expressing helpful suggestions. Following our time together, I have felt less stress and more hopeful. Read more in the Testimonals Section.

    Liz Client

From The Blog

do you feel lost? do you doubt yourself?

These are just two of the signs that you may be in need of a coach. Other signs are:

  • Moving ahead is difficult because of your past
  • Poor decisions hold you back
  • You have a vision, but no clear plan
  • Your self-confidence could use a boost

How I Can Help

As a coach, I help clients tap into their full potential by helping them to define goals and planning the paths necessary to achieve them. Work with me!

Invest in Yourself!

What you are doing today impacts your tomorrow. How are you investing in yourself?