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Hi, I'm Sally!

I’m grateful you are here and about to make some meaningful changes to improve the landscape of your life. Do you feel like you’re drowning in the stacks of laundry, misunderstood homework assignments, and career responsibilities? Have the shifts in daily living pushed you over the edge? Well, I don’t believe in accidents and I welcome you to step into this personal space of life coaching for overwhelmed moms.

My heart is drawn to struggling moms and teens ...

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    This is based on the powerful book & workbook, From Crisis to Compassion.

    Begin your Journey of Transformation as you identify past hurts and stumbling blocks in your life that have kept you from becoming the person you were meant to be. This is a life changing investment to bring you out of shame and despair to a place of peace and freedom.

    This training provides:

    • Three months of weekly 30-minute personal transformation coaching sessions covering your areas of need.

    • A framework to produce lasting empowering results through clarity, content and connection.

    • An opportunity to equip you to make a greater impact in your family, workplace and community.

    • Encouragement, Assignments, Accountability and Prayer

    • My commitment to encourage you on your journey to find Purpose, Power and Passion!

    Investment: $495.00

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    Do you struggle with getting organized? Are there post-it notes all over your desk, computer, or planner? Would you like to centralize your thoughts, activities, and errands? So many people struggle to find a smoother process to accomplish small and large tasks. Don’t rely on memorizing your to-do list; your brain wasn’t designed to handle all those details. So how do you find a productive, easy and creative tool that keeps you on track? I believe I have the answer. Let’s take a look at a creative solution and move away from discouragement. It’s time to embrace a life-long reliable habit. There is a better way. . . What am I talking about? Mind Mapping for the creative organization of ideas, projects, and life plans. I’ve taught this technique for several years as a Certified Professional Tutor, life coach for adults, and a volunteer for non-profit groups. They all say the same thing, “This is so easy and fun!” This dynamic and versatile industry-standard tool will transform your life, as it has for several successful fortune 500 companies. Join me in a life-transforming 4-week course where you will be looking at different areas of your life to gain more fulfillment. After learning how to Mind Map, you will become more productive and satisfied with all the areas you want to work on. Let’s get started and position you for victory!

    Investment: $327.00 for (4) 50 minute sessions.

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  • WELCOME to this new space for teens!
    Do you need a place to share your current concerns and frustrations of changing circumstances? Well, this could very well be your sweet spot. I’d love to help you to help yourself. If you are struggling with school work, study habits, isolation, or comparison then I’m a safe place for you to connect. Together we will come up with new options and develop a strategy for you to find victory over your frustrations. I have some tools that have worked well for several students, and I believe they will be beneficial for you, too. For 20 years, I worked as a Certified Professional Tutor to help young people who face challenges with standardized teaching methods. I have used multi-sensory techniques to bring understanding to otherwise complicated subjects. Listening to my student’s heartache taught me that learning involved far more than a textbook. I’m here to provide experience, training, and skills to offer you the hope you may be looking for. I am also a children’s book author of a colorful picture book called, “Looking Beyond the Sky,” and “Sarah’s Amazing Animal Adventures,” a Series of Children’s Stories About Character Displayed Through Love and Kindness. I hope you check them out on Amazon as all proceeds of my writing, speaking and life coaching go to support ZOE International, an amazing organization that is fighting child trafficking around the world. Be part of the solution and purchase some books or sign up for life coaching today.

    Investment: $277.00 for (4) 45 minute sessions

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  • Looking Beyond the Sky is a beautifully written and illustrated book of the colorful, glorious world we live in. When things go wrong, sometimes those vibrant colors fade into black and white. We need supportive people around us to bring us back to a place to see the beautiful world we were created to enjoy.

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  • This relatable 9 part series is about a lonely little girl named Sarah Grace Abrams, who longs for a dog of her own. The stories reveal her willing heart to love, nurture, and protect her pets. Each of the books holds an important message about the character challenges commonly found in many of us who have been bruised along life’s path. Reader’s will walk away refreshed by Sarah’s commitment to show love and acceptance to her beloved animals.

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  • This is the turbulent story of Naomi Parker, a courageous young woman who valiantly overcomes a series of devastating life experiences. As you read this book you’ll witness that an invisible war is being waged between seductive evil and unfathomable good. This is truly a compelling story of redemption that takes place over a prolonged period of time. Real truth stands on its own. It’s not open for debate, nor can it be negotiated as some may think. Redemption is truth displayed to its fullest extent.

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What My Coaching Clients Say ...

  • Sally Betters is an amazingly helpful and inspirational coach. In all of our sessions, she has been an extremely attentive listener and has been able to work with me to develop clear action steps for me to move forward with achieving my personal and professional goals. What makes her special is that she also provides emotional and spiritual support for the journey. I highly recommend Sally for a coach and am so grateful that she is part of my success story! Read more in the Testimonals Section.

    Roberta Client
  • I am so grateful for the time I had working with Sally Betters. Her patience, commitment and desire to see God’s healing work in my life was refreshing. She helped to build hope and strength in my life after the bitter ashes of my choice for an abortion over life for my baby. She was instrumental in changing my outlook on my future by trusting God in my decisions. Read more in the Testimonals Section.

    Denise Client
  • Sally Betters has been such a blessing to me in my dark and anxious times. She has listened intently, encouraged me, shared feedback and (when I was ready) offered options as well as prayed for me. Sally has a gift to get right to the heart of the matter while clearly expressing helpful suggestions. Following our time together, I have felt less stress and more hopeful. Read more in the Testimonals Section.

    Liz Client

From The Blog

do you feel lost? do you doubt yourself?

These are just two of the signs that you may be in need of a coach. Other signs are:

  • Moving ahead is difficult because of your past
  • Poor decisions hold you back
  • You have a vision, but no clear plan
  • Your self-confidence could use a boost

How I Can Help

As a coach, I help clients tap into their full potential by helping them to define goals and planning the paths necessary to achieve them. Work with me!

Invest in Yourself!

What you are doing today impacts your tomorrow. How are you investing in yourself?