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Looking Beyond the Sky is a beautifully written and illustrated book of the colorful, glorious world we live in. When things go wrong, sometimes those vibrant colors fade into black and white. We need supportive people around us to bring us back to a place to see the beautiful world we were created to enjoy. “Life has its ups and downs and what better way to teach a child than through Looking Beyond the Sky, by Sally Betters. As good days abound, you can’t help but smile as this charming book begins its sensory delight. Then a sudden shift to days that are not so bright. No matter…this delightful book brings help, healing, and hope of a happy new day.” ~Anita M. McLaurin, Award Winning Children’s Author, My Father Said I Could “What a great conversation starter! In this book, Sally Betters beautifully interweaves the appreciation for God’s amazing creation with the emotions we experience as His people, His most incredible creation. It is a wonderful read to help a child understand the beauty that surrounds us, while acknowledging they’re not alone with their feelings.” ~ Yira Jones, Author and Creator of the Fruity Friends Book Series on the Fruit of the Spirit “Sally Betters touches the hearts of children and adults everywhere with her poem story, Looking Beyond the Sky. This delightful book warms the heart, stirs the imagination, and encourages people of all ages to freely express their emotions while finding comfort in the many gifts and blessings of God’s creation.” ~Jean Voice Dart, Author, An Oinkrrific Day!

Sarah’s Amazing Animal Adventures

 A Series of Children’s Stories About Character Displayed Through Love and Kindness

This relatable series is about a lonely little girl named Sarah Grace Abrams, who longs for a dog of her own. The stories reveal her willing heart to love, nurture, and protect her pets. Each of the books holds an important message about the character challenges commonly found in many of us who have been bruised along life’s path. Reader’s will walk away refreshed by Sarah’s commitment to show love and acceptance to her beloved animals.



Looking Beyond the Sky Coloring & Activity Book will add meaning to the poem-story and colorful illustrations of the paperback book with the same name. Children will remember the flowing poem and vivid pictures of the reading book as they choose their own color scheme.

Additionally, there are several age-appropriate pictures to color and activity pages for children to enjoy hours of fun while developing academic skills.

Proceeds of the coloring book, as well as the companion picture book go to end child trafficking. You make a powerful difference with your purchase.