• "Words cannot express my gratitude for Sally Betters. She provided tremendous wisdom, words of encouragement and insight through this process of Coaching me through the issues of my life. Her dedication to the Lord and to others is such an inspiration to me. I highly recommend her for anyone who is stuck in their life. You will truly be blessed."

    Lori Client
  • "Sally Betters is an amazingly helpful and inspirational coach. In all of our sessions, she has been an extremely attentive listener and has been able to work with me to develop clear action steps for me to move forward with achieving my personal and professional goals. What makes her special is that she also provides emotional and spiritual support for the journey. I highly recommend Sally for a coach and am so grateful that she is part of my success story!"

    Roberta Bryer-King Sr. IT Project Manager & Author
  • "I am so grateful for the time I had working with Sally Betters. Her patience, commitment and desire to see God’s healing work in my life was refreshing. She helped to build hope and strength in my life after the bitter ashes of my choice for an abortion over life for my baby. She was instrumental in changing my outlook on my future by trusting God in my decisions."

    Denise Executive Manager
  • "Sally Betters has been such a blessing to me in my dark and anxious times. She has listened intently, encouraged me, shared feedback and (when I was ready) offered options as well as prayed for me. Sally has a gift to get right to the heart of the matter while clearly expressing helpful suggestions. Following our time together, I have felt less stress and more hopeful."

    Liz Client
  • "Coaching with Sally helped to identify issues and concerns I wasn’t able to verbalize before. She gave me the encouragement, insight and direction I needed to move out of my self-limiting beliefs and start on the path of healing. Honestly, I would still be stuck in depression and despair from my past experiences. Now I have a more realistic perspective of myself and have hope for my future."

    Bonnie Administrative Assistant
  • "As a mother of a child with a learning disability, I have had many challenges to overcome as a parent and advocate for my daughter. Sally Betters was instrumental in guiding me through these rocky times with her wisdom, experience and insight on various options I could pursue for myself and my child. Sally also spoke with my husband and I on areas of struggle in my marriage related to my daughter. Truly, I don’t know how I would have come through this time without her critical listening ear and appropriate information at the right time."

    Lauren Mother and Advocate for Children with Disabilities
  • "Being a Post-abortion survivor has resulted in depression, low-self esteem and negative self-talk. Coaching with Sally Betters has helped me see through the fog of guilt and self-limiting beliefs. Hearing her insight and valuable questions opened my mind to a web of self-imposed problems. Sally continued to provide God’s promises and truths for my life to help me come to a healthy place where I can contribute more in my marriage, church and community."

    Marlene Client