Sally Betters

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Speaking Testimonials

Sally Betters speaks with authority and she grabs the attention of her audience quickly, especially from women who have gone through tough relationships. Sally has a powerful story. It goes from young love to tragedy. But her story shows the redemptive love of God. Sally offers hope and an opportunity to experience a real love that never fails.
Tiffany Godfrey
Author, Speaker, Trainer and Certified Relationship Coach
Sally is a passionate and engaging speaker! Combine that passion with years of expertise, knowledge and insight, she stands out. She holds the audiences attention from start to end. You will learn useful steps to take and gain valuable resources to continue your personal growth and healing journey.”
Niccie Kliegl
Author, Speaker, Certified Coach, Fulfill your Legacy
Sally Betters is a compelling speaker who understands the relevant issues women encounter in abusive situations. She captivates her audience with well thought out, and invaluable information that can be used in theirs, or someone they love’s difficult situation. With the pervasiveness of abuse in today’s culture, Sally is on the cutting edge of relevance.”
Linda Lloyd
Educator, Artist
Sally is a very compelling, believable speaker who draws her audience into her topic.”
Linda East
Owner, Alpine Village Realty