A s you read this book you’ll witness that an invisible war is being waged between seductive evil and unfathomable good. This is truly a compelling story of redemption that takes place over a prolonged period of time. Real truth stands on its own. It’s not open for debate, nor can it be negotiated as some may think. Redemption is truth displayed to its fullest extent.

This is the turbulent story of Naomi Parker, a courageous young woman who valiantly overcomes a series of devastating life experiences. She harbors a looming secret that dominates her thinking and negatively impacts her decision making. It infects her ability to process information and is compounded by a learning disability. Naomi comes to know she has a real enemy nipping at her heels who desires to devour her. She also finds great hope in a Liberator, who brings her from a place of bondage and shame to a place of freedom and peace. Naomi demonstrates perseverance through her love of family and growing faith in God. Through her quest to find her purpose, she is able to intimately connect with those who are struggling with similar issues.

The purpose of this Workbook is to give you an opportunity to personally review some of Naomi Parker’s experiences in From Crisis to Compassion. You will be able to ask yourself critical questions and process solutions as you review scriptural truths to guide you through your journey.

The Spanish version of From Crisis to Compassion is now available in print and Kindle versions on Amazon.

Meet Sally

Sally Betters is an inspirational speaker, compelling author and transformational coach. She is a UCLA graduate with Post Graduate work in teaching individuals with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADD.

Sally Betters is an entrepreneur at heart with diverse experience in small business ownership and community involvement. She has owned and operated a professional tutorial services business, More than Words, for over fifteen years. She is passionate about her work with individuals who struggle with learning differences. Witnessing both incremental and drastic improvement in her students’ self-esteem and academic growth is rewarding and fulfilling. Additionally, she has coached women, both young and old, in various levels of emotional, mental and spiritual development on the topics contained within this book. Others are attracted to her leadership in group environments because of her deep compassion and knowledge base and willingness to work with diverse groups.

As a Certified Professional Tutor specializing in children and adults with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Attention Deficit Disorder. Sally Betters speaks to parent groups educating them on research-based systems. She has significantly impacted numerous students and their families with her expertise.

As an advocate on the effects of post abortion on women, Sally Betters has been invited to speak to churches, pastors and community groups. She has been on volunteer, case manager and staff member with the Post Abortion Counseling Program for the Santa Clarita Valley Pregnancy Center. In addition, she has served as a founding Board Member of the Vine Pregnancy Center in her local mountain community.

Sally Betters currently resides in Southern California with her husband, who is her soul mate. Together they have four adult children and four beautiful granddaughters.

To contact Sally, for information on booking her to speak at your event, visit her website at www.sallybetters.com. If you’re interested in personal coaching you can email her at info@sallybetters.com.

Sally shares why she chose to write this story ... read more

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