Why This Story?

That question has been running through my head for several years. Why can’t I just continue to keep it inside and pretend it isn’t real? Who really wants to hear another seemingly sad story, anyway? But then I thought, this story is different, it’s filled with hope, redemption, empowerment, and compassion from and to others. It provides a genuine perspective on how to do life. Even when we face some of the darkest hardships imaginable. We all experience pain, it’s what we do with it that can touch the life of another.

From Crisis to Compassion, my debut book, speaks the truth, painfully, honestly, and with great vulnerability. When Naomi Parker courageously brings her secrets to the light, something happens. She is set free from the condemnation of self and others. The protective shield she's held high begins to drop. A pathway clears, giving her direct access to connect with others who are also free to open up about their tender past.

Pain is part of life. It is experienced at all stages of our journey. When we hide it and turn to inappropriate ways of coping, it destroys us. In the safety of a supportive community, we can begin to drop the barriers we use to hide our hidden trauma. If we hide from our pain we will never grow. If we share it with safe people we can get help and be healed. You may have heard the saying: We are only as sick as our secrets. But if we want to live an authentic life, we must enter into the things that have defined us and pull back the protective cover to look at the steady drip of deception and confusion that has distorted our view.

This is a story of hope. Hope in trusting the loving arms of a worthy God. Hope in witnessing the freedom someone experiences as they walk through their valley of fear and shame. Hope in resting in the peace that transcends all understanding that can only come through our Heavenly Father. From Crisis to Compassion, is also a story of redemption. The quiet redemption of a bruised and battered soul that comes to understand her redeemer. A liberator who takes her from a life of bondage to a life of freedom. Naomi Parker experiences an awareness of the sacrifice God made to secure her place in this world and in eternity.

The question I ask you is, who can really set you free? After reading, From Crisis to Compassion you will see that this story is more profound than you may think. Because it deals with pain, heartache, and bondage we all struggle with at some level. We need a Savior to heal us to live fully free in Him, free from condemnation. Living authentically, we can tell our stories, at appropriate times with those we trust, and experience freedom! Thereby allowing an opportunity for the other person to share their heart with us as well. When the dark veil of shame and deception by our seductive enemy has been ripped away – glorious hope shines through.

Can you imagine a world where we judge each other less and show empathy and compassion as our first response to others in distress? That’s the world I want to live in. But the truth is… no real change can happen until we are first aware of our need to change. Since suffering is unavoidable in this world, we have numerous opportunities to offer hope to a crushed soul. We have a choice to offer a listening ear, a hand of comfort or a hug of encouragement when we are faced with someone else’s pain. We are free to listen first rather than sit in judgment. To walk in the freedom of Christ is this liberated place.

As suggested in the book, From Crisis to Compassion, if you sincerely ask God for opportunities to reach out with empathy and compassion to those around you, He will bring it before you. There are millions of hurting souls who long to see the heart of God through humanity. If we are willing, there are countless opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Will you do it? Will you seek to serve and not just be served? Will you take that extra moment to offer a word of kindness and show heartfelt compassion? Will you pay for someone’s meal; volunteer your time or take a valuable minute to just listen? These are simple gestures that build up daily to create a transformed life of looking for opportunities to make a difference.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17