4 Fantastic Ways to Show Compassion

    After reading my book, From Crisis to Compassion, you know that I’m a truth teller. There’s a lot of pain and heartache in this world and we don’t have to look far to find it. Many lonely people are craving genuine kindness. Soul-parched from dried-up dreams, they remain disconnected. Many of us are too busy to look at the pain in their eyes; a second glance may require inconvenience and discomfort. But don’t miss the opportunity to share some sweet refreshing words of kindness to a fellow sojourner. It may be the catalyst to realign their course in a positive direction.
    It’s a special part of you, that inviting part of your face that speaks of love, gratitude and welcomed acceptance. Not much is required but sometimes we find it easier to not pay attention to someone’s need for our smile. It’s a simple yet life-changing and contagious way to pass along some heartfelt goodness. The next time you are walking around this beautiful planet be prepared to share that wonderful smile you’ve been given. It’s free and can bring simple joy to someone else’s day. Quick story: I once had a cleaning woman tell me I was the only one she ever worked for that smiled at her when was working in my home. She said it made her feel welcome and encouraged her to do her best. Wow! Who knew something so simple could alter someone’s attitude.
    Make it fun! We can demonstrate pure goodness in some fun, genuine and wildly creative ways. Allow your whimsical, childlike imagination to run free in thinking of everyday ways to surprise, engage and totally bless the socks off of someone unsuspecting your wonderful gesture of kindness. Involve your kids or someone else’s and do something together that brightens someone else’s day and makes an inspiring impact. Here’s a simple example:
    The other night my husband and I were out getting some yogurt and noticed a single mom with her disabled child coming toward the Yogurt Shop. We quickly decided let’s do this right and gave the cashier enough money to cover whatever they would order. Giggles of joy were heard from the mom and her child as we quietly exited the place.
    It’s a love-giving movement. That’s why I want YOU to be a part of my team of C 2 followers. I truly want YOU to experience real joy in the freedom of giving. Post your creative genius on my FB Compassion Community C2 Page and let’s share our C 2 commitment. I believe if we shift our focus from how we are different from each other and look for ways we are similar then we can lock arms in solidarity and move forward toward greater good. Kindness is contagious and it looks good on you.

I envision a multi-layered group of caring souls of all ages who are tired of tuning into the negativity and discouragement all around us. We can rewrite the current narrative by our authentic and deliberate acts of compassion toward others. Don’t miss out on this life-giving opportunity to show your best self.

We can begin to change old patterns in simple and deliberate ways. I’m here to serve up some unstoppable joy and share ideas as we build a compassion community of givers. My platform is built on the bedrock of goodness; unconditional love and service to others. It’s taken from Luke 10:27, in my favorite book, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love others as yourself.” Will you join me? Are you ready to experience some out-of-the-ballpark heart-felt joy?

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

By Sally Betters, Certified Life Coach